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The American Trucker is made up of middle class people
who like driving and being their own boss (sort of).
Truck drivers live a very hard life. Drivers usually stay
away from home 1 week to 3 weeks at a time and then
come home for 1 day for every week they were out, and then
do it all over again. The U.S. Department of Labor says,
the OTR (over the road) driver makes $34,580 a year.

Imagine you are driving in Wyoming and a severe snow storm
hits. The DOT (Department Of Transportation) shuts
Interstate 80 down @ Rock Springs. The highway does not reopen
for two days. The 10th wedding anniversary plans you had made
with your wife is going to have to wait till you make it home safely.
The snow chains that are required to be on are very cold and icy.
as you were laying them out on the ground ,
a car almost slides into you nearly smashing
you into your trailer. The chains are on and you're finally moving.

Trucking life isn't for most people; most new truckers only last
an average of 1.5 years before changing careers.



Truckstops have deteriorated over the past 2 decades.
The lack of good food, clean showers, inadequate and secure parking
are all concerns of today's trucker. I don't know about you, but
eating at Hardees three times a day isn't fun.

America has more than a thousand truckstops, travel plazas,
travel centers or whatever you want to call them. I have been to
most of these stops over the past 20+ years as an OTR driver. I created a
database(is currently updating) of the best truckstops (according to me) in America.
This information is a reference for me and hopefully a guide for you.
Note: Some truckstops listed may not be ideal because of the area
it's in. For example, there may not be a better choice for that
area or region.



The trucking industry only tells you the good side of the story.
They just want to put meat in the seat.
The truth about truck driving comes from truckers themselves
because they spend most all of their lives on the road.

CSA (Compliance, Safety and Accountability) is the FMCSA tool for
keeping greedy trucking companies from driving their workers into the ground.
CSA is a good thing and truckers should support the program 100%.
With CSA in place, qualified and more experienced drivers will eventually
be compensated highly for their hard work.

1) Kansas City caves
2) loading eggs
3) bear sign
4) potato drop
5) Dodge City, KS.


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