Finally your free download page. These are MS Desktop Applications.
Why? Because MS has the lion' s share of the PC market.

I am working on more Apps and they will be published soon.

I hope you get some useful information from them.



My first App is called, "Product weight distribution schema"
The App is an aerial view of a virtual reefer trailer without a roof.
It shows the positions of the pallets (grey rectangle images with my initials on them).
I developed the App to help new warehouse workers and truckers comply with the states bridge laws.


I can change the App (for a fee) to fit your personal or corporate needs.


MD5 Checksum: 36F9F4A06C260A8B5BBA0F7B297E5B80
SHA-1 Checksum: 7F43E43812AFEF22544DA5A540F05431F0CDB60F
The second App (Lucky Lottery Numbers Generator) automates
the player's Lottery Numbers (Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5 and Powerball).
The random numbers are for amusement and will probably not dispense a winning number.
That is, this LLNG App does not guarantee that you will win.
If you're using LLNG for your real pics, you're probably the only one.
I am not using this App because I'm not a gambler and I believe the Lottery is rigged. :-)
On the flip side, LLNG has potential as it is only version 1.0 and will be

revised via user feedback. Good luck !


LLNG (Ver 1.0)

MD5 Checksum: 70914A50A6C4BCBCC658934206DCBB59
SHA-1 Checksum: 5BFCCF9553C8696FF8A8E2751DECD33E70012F06

The third App (Password Gen (PG)) helps users come up
with very neat passwords to help protect thier systems from being compromised.
Although there are programs hackers use to break encrypted word document passwords, for example
it is the users' job to deploy the most secure passwords on the planet.
I thought that making a cross platform program (download interpreter @
that one can get up and running for free :-) would make everyone happy.
  While this is only version one, I thought that you or any programmers
may jump in and help make this more exciting by adding more options to the PG.


PG (Ver 1.0)


My fourth download is bash code and is called, "Netcast Scraper"
'Data scraping' (DS) is a big buzzword in tech today. DS really is a pretty cool tool
which one may use as a fast & furious way to grab needed data.
"Data scraping often involves ignoring binary data (usually images or multimedia data),
display formatting, redundant labels, superfluous commentary,
and other information which is either irrelevant or hinders
automated processing." (Wikipedia)


Here's my example of data scraping.