My Puppy


I would like to thank Becky for my wonderful German Shepherd puppy.
Lexi is the best all around dog I ever had.
I also want to thank
Martha Stewart for whom I named my dog after her daughter,Alexis.

German Shepherds are unique in many ways. Their sheer presence is never
misinterpreted for another breed.

I remember a few years ago when
vacationing in Traverse city, Michigan we were renting a boat and
their was a full grown male GSD
laying on the grass near the beach and it was beautiful to look at.
Their were people all around doing all kinds of outdoor activities and he was just
taking it all in. but besides the beauty of the dog it was confident
looking. I wanted to go up and pet him and probably could have but I did not
know where the owner was or what it was trained to do - so I stayed clear
and just watched him and thought, "one day I will get a dog like him."

so here we are today with Lexi my first female German Shepherd puppy.
I enrolled her in an eight week puppy training class and Lexi finished
at the top of the class.

8-1-06 pic