Custom PC's, Workstations and Servers


Building your own PC is not really cost effective unless you can
be your own A+ Tecnician . If you build your own PC and it crashes
you can't call Alienware or Voodoo tech support for help.


I like using Asus motherboards and I called them up for help once and
the wait time was 1 hour and while waiting, the help desk asked me for my
phone number so they could call me back. I am still waiting for the call back.
I found that the best tech support is online. Their are people who have had
those experiences before and are more than happy to tell you about it
(like i'm doing now). Most motherboard makers like Intel,
Gigabyte , Asus and Tyan have all kinds of documentation
on their websites to look at.

The hardware and software you put into your computer depends on what you are
wanting it for. A gamer (like myself) goes to alot of LAN Parties and excels @ COD: WW2,
for example. A quality gamer will want to get a top of the line graphics card and monitor. PC building
takes much planning of which hardware/software to use going forward, coupled with configuration
options is limitless. The cost is a limiting factor for alot of people because you can put
thousands of denaro$ into one computer or you can put together an $800 machine.

I usually buy my parts online at Price Grabber or New egg .
shopping for price can be time consuming but the more you shop the more
you get the hang of who is high denaro$ and who is low denaro$ on their parts.

Operating system

The operating system has to be installed after you put the parts in place.
The main players are Microsoft , RHEL and their are other OS's.
After installing an OS with upadates , your finished.


congratulations !!
you have your first build under your belt.
  Don't forget to pen test your whole network!